Tidewater Arts Outreach hosts first ever Artist Showcase!

We don’t usually get to see our artists all in one place. But at the first ever Artist Showcase on October 29, we got to see the true force of creativity that is the TAO artist roster!

[Artists Heather Queen, Nilsa Nazario, Rich Gray, Rona Hyman, Ann Heywood, Jean Howard, and many more were led by Programs Committee Chair, Shaune Thomas and Program Director, Ashley Carroll in our first ever Artist Showcase!]

Between the demonstrations of drama, music, and visual arts, the number of mediums and genres represented, and the collaboration brewing between all of our artists in attendance, our board and staff were just astonished at all the talent we get the privilege of working with on a daily basis.

Thank you, artists. You make this work more enjoyable than you could possibly imagine.

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