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Hundreds of caregivers and artists turn to Tidewater Arts Outreach for resources, information, support and programming.  We work to ensure Hampton Roads understands the needs of people who live in crisis or with disabling conditions, and how we might use the arts in service to others.

Regional training workshops bring state-of-the field innovations to our area.  Dozens of outreach programs each month inspire artists, caregivers, volunteers and participants alike.  

We all are aging.  We all are temporarily-abled.  Engaging people, of all ages, to serve others with compassion and creativity means higher staff and client morale, more respect and dignity, greater staff appreciation and retention…and so much more.

We have many more requests for programs than we can possibly fill.  There is so much more we can do, with your support.

Vets Drop-In Jam Sessions                  “Melodyville” songwriting

Visual Arts in Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Pediatric Oncology Unitnmcp-child-artist-w-scarecrow


Here is Betty’s story.


Betty moved to a nursing home after suffering a stroke.  Once a professional visual artist, she immediately gravitated to the Tidewater Arts Outreach visual arts program, an offering that would not happen at her skilled nursing care location, if not for you.  You can help us bring art teachers to facilities, so people like Betty can spend more quality time by engaging with stimulating, inspiring and beneficial music, dance, drama, poetry and visual arts programs.

Dreams and imaginations are powerful things.  So are the creativity, compassion and community that our artists bring to special people who need and deserve our support.

Won’t you help us create better days for caregivers and the people they serve, right here in Hampton Roads?  We can only do this work with your help.  Thank you.

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