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Meeting needs of kids in crisis at local shelters.

‘Melodyville’ is a songwriting program developed and facilitated by Tina Micula and presented through Tidewater Arts Outreach for children at crisis shelters in Hampton Roads.  ‘Season of Giving,’ above, is a song written in December, 2014 by children at Genieve Shelter in Portsmouth.  Their song’s theme – consideration and gratitude for others – is an uplifting and empowering one for children going through very difficult times.  The results of Tina’s Melodyville programs are songs that include ‘Season of Giving,’ ‘You Gotta Get Up,’ and ‘It’s all Up To Me.’

We have many more requests for programs like this than we can possibly fill.  There is so much more we can do, with support.

Vets Drop-In Jam Sessions                                                    Visual Arts in Naval Medical Center Portsmouth                                                                                                    Pediatric Oncology Unit



Meet Betty.


Betty moved to a nursing home after suffering a stroke.  Once a visual artist, she immediately gravitated to the Tidewater Arts Outreach visual arts program.  You can help us bring artists to facilities, so people like Betty can transcend their illnesses and troubles and instead enjoy a favorite song, a gentle dance, an inspiring poem or sunny painted scenes with clear-blue lakes and purple mountains.

Dreams and imaginations are powerful things.  So is the combination of creativity, compassion and community that our artists bring.

Won’t you help us create a brighter future for our elders, right here in Hampton Roads?

Donate to TAO securely through Network for Good