What folks are saying about Tidewater Arts Outreach programs

Every once in awhile, we step back from the everyday bustle to gather and report on the feedback we receive throughout the year.  These comments come from programs that were presented in Virginia Beach:


“Happy Tears.”  He brought back so many happy memories.  Program participant, 5/18/18, The Gardens of VB

 “Enjoyed his renditions of old songs and stories.”  Program participant, 5/18/18, The Gardens of VB

“This is a great group…love the music variety.  Very engaging performers.”  Staff, 11/18/27, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

“Our residents were thrilled and begging for Beauty for Ashes to return as soon as possible.”  Staff, 12/9/17, The Gardens of VB

“Learned new dancing.  Love music and dancing, but due to stroke just can look and hear.”  Participant, 5/5/18, Sentara Windermere

“What a great program! The residents truly enjoyed and are still talking about it.  Artist was approachable and sensitive to the needs of the participants.”  Staff, 1/6/18, The Gardens of VB

“They were all awesome. Love the energy and how they interact with residents.”  Staff, 2/24/18, Berger Goldrich Home


“I thought it was a crummy day until I got here. It helped me feel better. It was thoroughly terrific!”  Client, 3/8/18, Berger Goldrich Home

“Ryan was well received, he is very engaging and the residents loved him.”  Staff, 3/8/18, The Gardens of VA Beach

“Jim knew how to relate well with the residents and encouraged them to sing along.  “The participation was great. Having the words helped tour clients feel more involved.”  Staff, 3/19/18, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

“It’s lots of fun. I feel like a teenager again!”  Client, 4/12/18, Berger Goldrich Home

“Therapists who previously were not integrating art and music into their care are starting to try it. I think you really struck a positive nerve with your education on reaching the person and respecting the personhood.” Caregiver Training feedback, 3/13/18, Kindred at Home

 (What I liked best was) “The information about how the arts fit in with the person-centered care approach.”  Caregiver training feedback, 6/21/18, Kempsville Health & Rehab