We’re Hiring! Work with Us as Our Program and Volunteer Manager!

Program and Volunteer Manager Position Description

Position Information

Tidewater Arts Outreach was founded in 2003 to enhance wellness for people with special needs and circumstances through the healing power of the arts. Through training, advocacy and outreach, Tidewater Arts Outreach ensures community artists, caregivers and volunteers have the tools and resources they need to appreciate and create a variety of experiential arts programs for elders and others.  Tidewater Arts Outreach and its participating artists have provided more than 2,500 arts-related outreach and education programs, workshops and events since inception.  The programs impact thousands of participants, caregivers, family members, artists and volunteers annually.  Providing opportunities for creative self-expression has been shown to complement clinical care and to have significant intellectual, psychological, physical and emotional benefits. 


As Tidewater Arts Outreach prepares for strategic growth and continued community impact, the agency is seeking an energetic, creative and detail-oriented professional to serve as its Program and Volunteer Manager.  The Program Specialist is responsible for the development, scheduling and successful execution of our training and outreach programs.


Primary Tasks

  1. Create a monthly schedule of programs, on a rotating basis at approximately 50 locations and utilizing the talents of 80+ artists/art groups, instructors, musicians, etc.
  2. In developing programs, help artists tailor their programs to the needs of the populations served
  3. Oversee fee for service component.
  4. Enlist locations in the current fee for service program
  5. Help TAO develop additional fee for service opportunities and monetize current offerings
  6.        Develop new locations and arts events for strategic growth and to raise awareness


Secondary Tasks

  1. Develop relationships with artists and facility staff

o   Regularly review program content with artists; work with them to continuously improve   program quality and/or diversify offerings

  1. Oversee management of the programs database
  2. Mentor artists to anticipate needs and respond to conditions of their work
  3. Share data and anecdotes from artists and facilities with staff for marketing purposes


Volunteer Engagement and Retention

Manager will participate in the screening and interview process of prospective programs-related volunteers and interns whenever prudent and possible. Manager will also manage, coach and oversee programs volunteers and interns, including verifying volunteer hours and performance reporting.



The successful candidate will have a formal higher education and/or professional work experience, including work involving administration and written communications.  He/she will have a background in marketing and or management; volunteer management experience preferred.  Hours are flexible.  This position needs an outgoing, friendly and independent problem solver with lots of initiative, excellent communications skills, preference for a fast-paced environment, comfort with social media, internet research and knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite software.


Working Conditions

  The Manager will work remotely most of the time and will attend programs as time allows.  Will work with a PC.  It is anticipated the Manger will need to travel to different facilities as needed and when safe.

Reports To:  Executive Director

Hours:  Part Time, hourly

Salary:  $16.50/hr

 Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and a resume to Reese Beeler at Reese@TidewaterArtsOutreach.org no later than August 17, 2020.