TAO’s Social Media Campaign – 

Raising Awareness about the Healing Power of the Arts

How have the arts impacted your life?  TAO invites you to pick a question and post about it:

– recount an experience where you used the arts to connect with others

– tell a story about your TAO program’s effect on others

– recount how the arts helped you heal from troubles or illness



TAO’s mission is to bring the joy and healing power of quality arts experiences to people who are in health and dependent care environments.  Through training, advocacy and outreach, we fulfill our mission daily.  We are inspired and hopeful, yet we struggle to fulfill many of the services requested by groups and facilities on behalf of their residents, clients and staff.  Residents like Steven, a young boy at a local crisis shelter, who, with singer/songwriter Tina Micula and other children wrote, sang and recorded “You Gotta Get Up,” a collaborative piece about resilience and determination in the face of adversity.  And clients like Mary, who told us, “the tears started flowing,” during our ‘Life In Transit’ project of healing through art and poetry for women victims of violence.  And staff like Amy, who commented our workshop showed her “a whole new way of looking at, working with and improving quality of life for the elderly.”

We need your help to be able to continue providing training and programming for thousands of people like Steven, Mary and Amy.  Please join me by making a tax-deductible gift to Tidewater Arts Outreach this month. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in December to ensure we can continue to bring the joy and healing power of the arts to people struggling with crisis, disability or advanced age in our community.  Year-end funds will allow us to produce regular workshops for artists and caregivers and to provide group arts experiences for people who are in dependent-care programs. To help us make an even bigger impact, you can support our programs with a monthly, quarterly or annual donation. Can we count on you to help us meet our goals?

One daughter of a nursing home resident told Marc, a TAO artist, that she saw ‘a light in my mother’s eyes I have not seen for a long time.’  Similarly, a surprised and delighted gentleman related that it was ‘the first time my wife has smiled in six months,’ during our Create|Relate program for people newly diagnosed with dementia.  You can help us replace suffering, frustration and isolation with laughter, smiles and the best kind of tears.  Today, the instruments to heal are in your hands.

If you have questions, or if you would like to be directly involved, please call or email us.  Thank you for joining with us to make real and lasting change for so many in Hampton Roads.

With gratitude,


“Very professionally done — wonderful as usual. Our children were very engaged.”

“I thought they were one of the best groups that we have had here. Music was beautiful and well organized. Excellent program.”

“Residents LOVED their performance and costumes; residents want them to come back.”

“Have them come back please.”

“Brought creativity and happiness to our morning! Thank you so very much!”

“Everyone present was all smiles. The artists interacted very well with program participants, who danced the whole time.”

“Really good. Wonderful engagement with participants. Artist was able to get a child who does not usually talk very much to sing along with the group.”

“I enjoyed it and will teach my child what I’ve learned.”

“We’d love to have her back!”

“Seeing satisfaction, approval, and happiness on residents’ faces; validation that they still can express themselves in an artistic way.”

“Emily dealt with a difficult 4 year old and did and amazing job. Thank you for making his day so much more positive! Please come again!”

“Emily was really helpful with my son Erick. She showed him a couple of new tricks painting. Need more people like her.”