Tidewater Arts Outreach delivers unique experiences to Ability Center of Virginia summer camps

We had the privilege of providing art programs for the Ability Center of Virginia‘s summer camps last week – including some beautiful harp music with the incomparable Karen Stowe.

When Karen took her harp around to let everyone play it, I remember thinking “I’m so jealous…I’ve always wanted to play harp.”

And that’s when the “aha” moment happened. 

Karen Stowe performing and then taking her harp around the room for participants to try!

That is what these art programs do. They give an experience and empower the one receiving it. “I’ll never be able to do that,” turns into “Let me tell you about the time I…”

We all know adults experiencing isolation – whether we work with them or are related to them. 

Tidewater Arts Outreach wants to bring them experiences they never thought they could have and give them stories they can keep forever. Partner with us and let’s make it happen

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