Tales from Your Travels

One of our artists once described visiting a long-term care facility as not unlike ‘traveling to a different country.’  There are new sights, new smells, different ‘languages’ and customs.  So…it’s interesting.  True story: one Christmas I played holiday songs on guitar at VB General Hospital while a young girl scout troupe sang from our books.  We toured a few floors, to the delight of both patients, family and many staff, (who we learned were working twelve-hour shifts).  One elderly patient was so overcome by our bedside singing that he started weeping.  Tears streaming down his face.  We learned later that our visit prompted his decision to ‘get well and go home again.’  The girls reminded him of his own grandchildren and how much he wanted to be a part of their lives.

The artists we send to work with the elderly, the people with disabilities, the moms and kids in crisis, all have seen first-hand the value of their work.  They all have stories to tell.  We regret we can’t be at every program, soaking everything in and reporting back to you.  Artists, please take just a moment to write out a story from one of your program experiences and tag us on social media, so we can share your good news with others.  It’s especially important now, as we gear up for #givelocal757, Hampton Roads’ largest online fundraising endeavor, less than a week away.  We hope we can generate lots and lots of first-time $10 givers, to end the year on a high note and plan ahead for 2018.

As always, thank you for sharing; thank you for caring.