Play with TAO

We recruit talented artists, performers, singers and musicians, from schools, associations, libraries and other arts nonprofits, to present a variety of arts performances and activities. Program stipends are funding-dependent and may be available. Here are just some of the opportunities:

  • Actors present theatrical team-building with at-risk youth
  • Guitarists teach shelter youth to play on TAO-donated instruments
  • Storytellers create stories with seniors, tell their own stories, or recite prose
  • Visual artists and art students facilitate ‘art in a suitcase’ discussions about art with seniors
  • Visual arts workshops where all ages and abilities take part in creating all kinds of art murals for hallways, vision boards, visual journaling and altered books for women victims of domestic violence
  • Thematic or autobiographical art workshops for children and seniors
  • Ensembles present music programs at nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Drum circles and other music programs at youth and adult dependent care day programs
  • Singers, voice teachers and singing instructors can engage seniors in vocal exercises and sing-alongs
  • Folk dance performances; theatrical performances
  • Harpists, hammer dulcimer, pianists and classical/fingerstyle guitarists to play in hospital lobbies and waiting areas

The largest majority of our programs involve seniors. The most successful programs are those that engage their clients—no matter what the age—in the process of creating art—whether that is by singing, dancing, telling their own stories, reciting poetry, painting, etc. Rather than be relegated to passive consumers of art, we want to help our artists to ensure their clients become the artists, through our programs. We work with artists individually to help them build participatory experiences into their programs.