FY 17/18 Supporters


Bank of America Matching Gifts

Business Consortium for Arts Support

Elizabeth Dole Foundation – Hidden Heroes Fund

Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission

Thistle Foundation

Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission

Virginia Commission for the Arts

Adam and Jennifer Bonsiewich

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America


Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission

Dan and MaryAnn Toboz

Decorum Furniture

Dennis Loftus

Helen G. Gifford Foundation

Newport News Arts Commission

Portfolio Recovery Associates

Richard Mapp, III

Riverside Hospital Services

Steve and Christie Stancliff

Tapco Group

The Landmark Foundation

USAA Foundation

ABC Supply Corp.

Bobby Lawrence

Crenshaw, Ware & Martin

GovSolutions, Inc.

Oast & Taylor

Steve and Kelly Newman/Murphy


!mpact Makers

Andrea Clarke

Andria McClellan

Anne Edwards

Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Bob Haugland

Bonnie Lane

Claudette Clos

Dixon Hughes Goodman

Dixon Hughes Goodman Foundation

Eric and Juli Worden

First United Methodist Church of Newport News Foundation

Healthcare PMP

Jason and Donna Combs/Long

Jenny Morris

Keith and Kim Curtis

Kenneth and April Archer

Lansing Building Products

Mickey Toll

Mike Hodges

Ron and Sally Hartman

Sentara Life Care Corporation

Stephen and Katherine Taylor

Target – Corporate

360 IT Partners

Allan and Harriet Reynolds

Andre Marquez Architects, Inc.


Atlantic Bay Mortgage

Bill and Lynn Ruehlmann

Bob and Cindy Joly

Brian and Inger Friedman

Biz Connect Hampton Roads

Britni Kawalkiewicz

Cape Henry Rotary Club

Choice Insurance

Chris Graves

Christina Joy Photography

Coleen O’Malley

Cox Communications

David and Susan Goode

Dick and Tammy Welch Jr.

Doreen Mannion

Dr. Susan Nicholson

Drew and Kate Landman

Edward Dullaghan

George and Emma Inman

George Hughes

Gill and Anne Kraine/Meek

Gino and Grace Colombara

Goodman Allen Donnelly

Grant and Pearl Narelle

Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Holly Spires

Janet McCauley

Jerry and Martha Dodson

Joanie Needham

John and Carole Duckett

John and Jodie Wood

John and Karen Dixon

John Greene

Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly, P.C.

Junior Woman’s Club of Hilton Village

Kathleen Drummond

Kathy and Kimmy Olsen/Freeborough

Kelly Consulting Services

Ken and Dottie Stancliff

Kerneos, Inc.

Kevin Allison

Kitco Fiber Optics

Lamont and Penny Poole/Oots

Laura Landman

Lawrence Brickman

Leah Lyons

Lewis Accounting & Tax Service, Inc.

Lisa and Donna  Hydrick/Foley

Mac and Katie Frampton

Mambo Room, Inc.

Marc and Allyson Poutasse

Marck and D’Arcy Weiss

Margaret Wilson

Marie Welch

Marty and Susan Einhorn

Matthew and Giselle Weinstein

Mike and Mike Services

Miller Oil Company

Natalie Sidner

Nick and Ginny Werner

Nicole Carry

Norfolk Task Force on Aging

Oceanside Pools and Spas

Old Point National Bank

Opus Group of Virginia

Osman and Aliye Lambiro

Pamela Brothers Denyes

Patrick and Ann Brogan

Patrick Odonnell

Paul and Michele Aravich

Paul and Peggy Urban/Wilson

Rebecca Brown

Richard Mekdeci

Robert and Sharon Maynard

Roberta “Bobbie” Gribble

Robertson Insurance Agency

Ron and  Sally Hartman

Ryan Dougherty

Sentara Nursing Center Norfolk

Shirley Beacham

State Farm Insurance – Larry Akers

Steve and Sherrall Van Leeuwen

Steven W. Lineberger

TAPPED Gastropub at Hilltop

Tidewater Officers’ Spouses’ Association

Tom and Lisa O’Grady/Kersey

United Way of South Hampton Roads – CFC

Virginia Beach Task Force on Aging

Warren and Helen Aleck

Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management LLC

Wilkins and Associates

Win and Jane Short

Alan Goeke

Alan Slifer

Alf Mapp

Amanda Phelps

Andrew Callahan

Annie Johnson

Ashley Swindell

Audra McGrath

Barbara A. Stabile

Barbara and Thad Dixon

Barbara Chaffin

Barbara Gibbs

Beth Ewing

Beth Jala

Bill and Heather Dodson

Bob and Pam Getty

Bonnie Stretz

Burton DeShayes

Carol Williams

Carrie Cavin

Caryn West

Catherine Finney and Joseph Gaber

Charles Beard

Chris Jones

Christine Woods

Cindy Caskey

Claude Thompson

Craig and Cindy Haines/Cutler

CT and Maria Tiller

Cynthia Quesenberry

Dan and Carole Cohen

Dana Giovis

Daniel Schmitz

Darius Davenport

Darryl and Pam Katrancha

Dave Littel

David and Bette Burkus

David and Kerri Difiore

Dean Yeonas

Deanna Renn

Debra Aleck

Donald and Melissa Kepley

Dorothy C. Payne

Dottie Holtz

Dr. and Mrs. William Warden

Edward Lazaron

Elizabeth Chapman

Elliott Webb

Eric and Sarah Nelson/Anders

Evans and Karen Cochran

Faye Bailey

Gale Garner

Gerald Jaffe

Guilford Ware

Herbie Desseyn

Howard and Heather Martin

Howard and Kathy Batkin

Hunter and Denise Hughes/Pons

D. Grose

Jacqueline Simon

James and Susan Chapman

James Dombey

James Swantko

Jason and Jenny Herbek

Jill and Pat Tiderman/ McCandless

Jim and Gerri Newsom

Jim Morrison

Joan Rhodes-Copeland

John and Georgia Skuro

John and Mary Jane Hall

John and Suzanne Ingersoll

John T. Tompkins

Jonathan and Suzanne Allen

Joseph and Bernadette May

Juan and Julie Cruz/Clark

Judy Osborne

Juli Richardson

Kara McGehee

Karen and Staci Guaspari/Smith

Karen Bibb

Katharine Westfall

Katie Stanley

Kim Bartlett

Kindra Greene

Kristen Luttig

Larry and Susan Iverson/Boatwright

Laura Rait

Laurie Flowers

Lawrence Goldrich

Lewis and Marsha McGehee

Lindsey Jones

Lorna Stuart

Louisa H. Slagle

Lydia Mugler

Lyle and Susan Meier

M.E. Cox Center

Madeline Sly

Marc and Robin Pessar

Margaret Bruce

Marguerite Pons Williamson

Marianne Stanley

Mark and Alan McElhaney/Boring

Matthew and Rebecca Rhode

Melissa Pons

Michael and Lorain Kloskin

Michael Khandelwal

Michael Mann

Michael McGourty

Michelle Walsh

Mike and Maggie Hudson

Nancy Burnet

Natalie Ciampa

Neil Waranch

Nora Heimerl

Nora Kopacki

Park Place Child Life Center

Philip L. Hatchett

Rainham Rowe

Ralph and Barbara Goldstein

Rhonda Waller

Robert Bannach

Robert Palmer

Robert Scott and Lisa Salsberry

Ron and Sally Hartman

Ronald G. and Frances T. Pons

Roy Moats

Roz McCreery

Sandy and Lynda Martin

Sara Jo Rubin

Sarah Ford

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Snow

Scott &  Rosemary Balderston

Shani Thomas

Sherri Powers

Sherry Brohel

Shirley S. Smith

Skin A Medical Spa

Stephen and Tammy Newton

Steve Brinker

Steven Kauder

Susan Butterworth

Teresa Green

Terry Flint

Terry Fraley

Thea Pitzen

Theresa Morris

Thomas and Grace Perkins

Thomas and Rebecca Aman

Thomas and Susan Mayo

Tonia Moore

Wally and Ronda Baucom/Schmader

Walter and Michele Demmerle/Barnes

William “Craig” Reilly

William and Margaret Hudnall





House Concert Hosts

House concert hosts are those special friends who open up their homes for an evening of good music to benefit TAO programs.

John and Mary Jane Hall Randy and Tanya Keller
Drew and Kate Landman Jon and Rachael Lintvet
Scott and Cindy Mackey Bob and Karen Macomber
Rick Mapp III Kelly Murphy and Steve Newman
Robert Nowack Tim & Claudia Puopolo Bellars
Paul Campsen and Carrie White