Square Dances in Virginia Beach are Time Honored (and open to the public)

Living Lively in Virginia – reprinted for local VB dance groups the Riptides and Thumpers.

We all remember Square Dancing from our school days.  Well, our old Physical Education dance form has grown up.  Today’s dances are in modern recreation halls and hotels, with modern sound equipment and all kinds of your favorite music.  Everything from country to classics, blues to bluegrass, your favorite oldies to today’s modern music.  Dancers all around the world will be welcoming new dancers to the fun in September.  September is when most square dance clubs have open house dances where anyone can join in the fun – no prior square dance experience necessary.  Usually, new dancer groups start around this time, so people can learn the steps for square dancing.

The Riptides and Thumpers square dance clubs will combine for back to back open house dances in Virginia Beach.  Friday, September 7, 2018 – 7:30 PM.

The Riptides Square and Round Dance Club Open House Dance Bayside Presbyterian Church 1400 Ewell Road, Virginia Beach, VA (the corner of Ewell & Independence Blvd.) and Saturday, September 8, 2018 – 7:30 t0 9:30 PM The Thumpers Square and Round Dance Club Open House Dance

Foundry United Methodist Church 2801 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA  (next to Beach Ford)

Matt Worley will be calling and instructing both nights and will be joined by his father, Bob Worley on Saturday night.  Matt and Bob both record square dance music with Virginia Beach-based Crown Records.  Matt was recently recognized by the Virginia State callers association with their 2018 Cardinal Award, for his contributions to the activity.

Why Square Dance?  Besides the fact that it’s fun, it’s also a great form of low impact aerobic exercise.  Square Dancing exercises both the body and the mind.  Several studies have rated Square Dancing as one of the top forms of aerobic exercise.  Keeping the body and the mind active throughout life are keys to remaining mentally and physically active later in life.  There are many dancers who have danced 20-30, or more, years, and are still dancing in their 80s and even past 90.

The Riptides are one of the oldest square dance clubs in Virginia and have been dancing in Virginia Beach for 55 years.  The Thumpers are almost as old, dancing for over 35 years.  The Thumpers are also proud to have 3 National touring callers and cuers on their regular staff,  Both Bob and Matt Worley travel worldwide calling square dances, as does their round dance cuer Jim Kline.

Another good reason is that Square Dancing is part of our National heritage.  It is truly an American form of dance, with it’s roots in our Appalachian Mountains.  Former Governor Wilder recognized the importance of the dance form and signed a bill in 1991 proclaiming Square Dancing the official folk dance of Virginia.  Many other states also claim the Square Dance as their state folk dance.  Other reasons to join us include Square Dancing being a great way to meet people.  You will find all walks of life represented, from laborers to housewives, executives to interns, and even a president (Jimmy Carter was a square dancer).  The biggest reason to Square Dance, is that it’s Fun!!!

For more information on the Thumpers Open House, please call (757) 499-7457 or (757) 467-2557.  The Thumpers will also be forming a new dancer group on Monday nights, at Foundry United Methodist Church.

Your help in publicizing this event would be greatly appreciated.  The Square Dance clubs in our area are all small non-profit clubs.  Our biggest problem is getting the word out about our activity.  For information on the Open House, email Bob Worley at Bobw12@cox.net. Or Dave Hinde at 757 6432 6722, dave@greatdances.net .