Sea Level Festival Guitar Heroes

Well, we don’t have the photos, yet, but we want to post about the 2017 Paul Reed Smith Guitar Raffle winners.

We had five – count ’em – five mighty fine guitars to give away this year.  

#1, a PRS SE Angelus, in gorgeous midnite black, went to Emerging Artist Contest winner Luke Willette on March 19.  A great addition to his country-music stable of instruments.

#2, a 12 String Martin Sigma, gently used and lovingly set up and shined up by Larry Berwald (Rosewood Guitar Repair at Music Go ‘Round in Virginia Beach), went to Friday night raffle ticket purchaser Roz McCreery at O’Connor Brewing.  Jpixx future CEO Nova Abrahams pulled the winning ticket.

#3, a beautiful, sunburst PRS SE Angelus was won on Saturday night at Attucks Theatre by Jim Covert.  He came to the festival with Bobby Blackhat fans and bought three raffle tickets.  Jim’s a ‘strummer’ who lives in Williamsburg and is a computer analyst.

#4, the Grand Prize, was won by one of our volunteers Heather Dodson, who purchased ten tickets on Saturday night. ‘Thrilled!’  is how this folk-music afficionado describes her newest, sunburst guitar.

#5 was a rare wood PRS CE24 semi-hollowbody, donated to Tidewater Arts Outreach by Michael Reid and Jack Cowardin.  We auctioned it off on Saturday night.  Our festival chairperson couldn’t resist the beauty and rarity of this instrument.  She was the high bidder at $1850.

HUGE thanks to PRS Guitars, Michael Reid and Jack Cowardin for contributing to our 2017 raffle and auction.  The instruments were lovely, and they have all found loving homes and arms.

Jim Covert with his new PRS SE Angelus