Partnering with Senior Runs to provide transportation to arts programs!

Barriers for older adults can take many forms – and one of the most common is transportation. It may be because a car payment is just not feasible or driving at night is too difficult. Whatever the case, transportation is often a reason an older adult has less access to creative arts programs.

So we asked ourselves…why not bring them to the art? Enter Senior Runs.

The model is simple – TAO sponsors rides, Senior Runs driver Ciara organizes outings, and Senior Runs clients get to enjoy arts programs all over the region. 

From Ciara: “This has been a wonderful experience for the ladies. They have been very excited to take each trip thus far and they are looking forward to the next adventure.”

[Senior Runs clients traveled to the Hampton Public Library to see
harpist Karen Stowe using rides sponsored by TAO!]