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Thank you for joining us in the second annual “Once More Concert and Instruments of Art Auction” on
Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 5pm EST

All proceeds will support arts outreach programs for your neighbors in isolating circumstances.

Join us “Once More” in Spring of 2022!

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Meet the 2021 Once More Artists and Inspirations!

Joe Phillip, a long time resident of Norfolk, has visited almost every country there is to visit and has a heart as large as his travels. His story will be told by the talented Richard Mekdeci.

LaDonne Archer has a joy that has overcome tremendous trial and loss. Her strength of character is deserving of every admiration. Seamless is delighted to bring her story to song.

Emily Filer, founder of Lee’s Friends, is no stranger to the hardships of cancer and the toll it takes on a family. She turned her experience into one of Hampton Roads best non-profit organizations – and she found an ear ready to empathize with her story like almost no one else could in artist Will Overman.

Chuck Rucker has the buoyancy of spirit that restores almost every one he speaks to. It’s hard not to walk away from a conversation with Chuck with a smile on your face and your heart a little lighter as his artist Roberta Lea soon discovered.

Richard Mekdeci

As a founder of emPower Music & Arts Richard is at the epi-center of the budding “Posi” (Positive) Music industry.

Richard’s experience as speaker, singer and award winning songwriter spans a wide range, from performing with the Florida Symphony Orchestra as a trumpet player, to over 20 years of writing, producing and performing in Nashville Tennessee with artists like Kathy Mattea, Susie Boggus, Patty Loveless, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Nelson, and others. He has produced or co-produced eighteen albums of Posi Music including six projects of his own.

He currently serves as Music Director at Unity Renaissance Spiritual Community in Chesapeake, VA where his wife Paula is Senior Minister.


Based out of Hampton Roads Virginia: Seamless is a band that is amazingly cohesive with bringing a quality sound to the many genres of music. Seamless is a very diverse band as it can stand as a Duo, Trio, or Full Band.

The Seamless Duo has been performing at 5 star restaurant Varia in the Hilton at the Main Norfolk, Virginia. 5 star lounge Raleigh Room at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Along with many of Hampton Roads Assistant Livings. With the sultry vocalist Malikah Harris and creative pianist Zach Bridges, this Duo is bound to keep you enthralled.

Will Overman

Will Overman’s genre-bending, storytelling approach to songwriting is a product of being born and bred on the east coast, finding love and being tested on the west coast, and finding a renewed passion for his art around the world. 

The Charlottesville, VA based singer-songwriter’s music carries a maturity to match the up-and-down life he has lived over the past 26 years. From fronting a touring band while attending college, through-hiking the Appalachian Trail and traveling around the world for several months, to witnessing his parents divorce, standing by his wife as she fought and beat cancer twice, and going through tough financial situations while trying to make it as a creator; Will’s songs evoke the wisdom of an old soul with youthful optimism. 

Although he was unable to play more than 6 shows in 2020 before COVID-19 shut down touring, Will has continued to persevere by releasing three new singles; pop-infused soft rocker Something to Hold (released Feb. 14, 2020), red dirt/outlaw country inspired Living Wage (released Apr. 15, 2020), and radio friendly americana-rock anthem Little Things (released Oct. 2, 2020). Only weeks after releasing Little Things, Will announced his debut solo LP The Winemaker’s Daughter will be arriving on Feb. 12, 2021.

Roberta Lea

Roberta Lea is a singer/songwriter, producer, artist and author based out of Norfolk, VA. She started songwriting in her youth as she learned to play guitar and keyboard for her church band. She released her first project back in 2015 entitled “I Am Yours”. 

Her follow up single, “Water and Wine”, was released in 2018 but as an independent artist, she struggled to get her music to stand out. She’d always had a passion for songwriting, but as she dove deeper into the music industry, she was discouraged to find her powerfully written songs like “Moonlight” getting lost in the sea of streaming.

All the hard work and investment would be swallowed by mainstream services and she wanted  to find a way to add value to music beyond what gets played on the radio: Made To Order Music was born. 

Now, she uses her songwriting skills to tell the stories of others so that they, too, can have a song that will last beyond than a lifetime. She is passionate about helping other songwriters and musicians get involved in this new opportunity and is looking forward to what the future has in store.