Military Caregivers Create “Unsung Hero”

Group songwriting requires bravery, a sense of adventure, patience, practice, trial and error, and skillful leadership.  Singer/songwriter Tina Micula is taking military caregivers to places they’ve not been before, as an opportunity to reflect on their paths and support one another along their journeys.  More outcomes from these sessions, including the final recording, soon.

The song “Unsung Heroes”  was created to help caregivers and veterans share their experiences with each other through a positive outlet. Tina described the experience: “An emotion comes through when you find a song that resonates with you. That’s when you connect with the song.”  

The session not only allowed the participants to connect with each other through the words, they were able to support each other with the process of recording. By the end everyone sang on the chorus together and shared high fives as they grew more comfortable singing the song. At the end of the recording one of the caregivers said: “I really love the words.”   

 Tidewater Arts Outreach thanks Tina, Jacki, the Sonya Portier-Hartman at the Hampton VA and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Fund for their ongoing support on our mission of wellness through the arts.

Summer Intern Kate Huck contributed to this post.