March Artists Serve with Creativity, Compassion

The Bingo Bobbies sponsored the Vocal Group Fond Memories as Tidewater Arts Outreach’s March program at Beacon Shores Nursing Home, one of four quarterly events at this long-term care facility in Virginia Beach. This women’s group has been coming to Beacon Shores for the past 15 years, to play bingo, celebrate holidays and now to provide arts programming for residents. Their support is a stellar example of how individuals and community groups can come together to make a real difference for others. We applaud and truly appreciate their support for bringing the arts to people who would otherwise not have high quality, engaging live arts experiences.

Fond Memories w Bingo Bobbies Beacon Shores Fond Memories Beacon Shores Dancers

“Fond Memories is the perfect type of music experience for our clients,” wrote TeRita, Beacon Shores activities assistant.  “I’ve never seen my residents remember every word to a song.  It was awesome.”
Music has a remarkable way of reaching us at physical, emotional and intellectual levels, all at once. Neurology research shows it lights up areas of the brain like nothing else. It’s why we are so dedicated to sharing this art form with elders and others who lack the social, intellectual and emotional benefits that the rest of us take for granted.