Lookback: Poetry Sessions with Older Adults

Writer Jill Winkowski has always loved to tell a good story.  Thankfully, she worked with us in 2012 to gather vignettes, memories and recollections from residents at The Gardens of Warwick Forest and turn them into poetry.  

Through the process of creating poetry, participants benefit from reminiscing and expressing themselves.  You can tell they relish sharing time-honored memories, like summers spent on grandma’s front porch, seeing their children graduate, the simple pleasures.  The creative writing sessions also allow a safe place to articulate difficult emotions like fear or uncertainty and to revisit past experiences with a new perspective.  

Art therapy was created after WWI as a way to help traumatized veterans process their feelings and experiences.   Therapeutic arts programs now are recognized as tools for helping many people find calm, find hope, reconnect with loved ones or earlier pleasures (like singing or painting), and be more fully aware of themselves and their responses.

Here is part 2 of a multi-part series.