“I Remember Better When I Paint”

Elizabeth “Like” Lokon, Ph.D., MGS, developed “Opening Minds Through Art” at Scripps Gerontology, Miami University, OH. The process brings together elders with dementia and college students, in six, eight of twelve-week sessions, to engage in visual arts processes. ‘Modern Art’ techniques eliminate the need to make artwork resemble real life, freeing participants to become absorbed in the process. The results, as you will see in this video, are amazing:

Dr. Lokon comes to Hampton Roads on Thursday, April 27 to share her findings and techniques with artists and caregivers.  The workshop costs $40 and runs from 12:30 to 3:30 at the Chrysler Museum.  Her last workshop for us, in 2013, yielded terrific feedback, including:

“I learned a whole new way of looking at, working with, and improving quality of life for the elderly.”

Download a registration form by following the link below: