“Hidden Heroes” April Workshop Aids Caregivers

Our April “Hidden Heroes” program had caregivers coming together around a failure-free, creative process of painting flowers in the post-impressionistic style of Vincent Van Gogh.  Facilitator Amanda Wallace, MFA, led the group.  Caregivers were enthusiastic about both the education experience and the creative process.

“This program showed me new ways to communicate with the person I care for.”

“This program helped me discover new aspects of myself.”

“I loved this workshop.  Painting was a great way to help us relax and forget our troubles.”

Caregivers also expressed satisfaction at ‘being able to express through art” and “how therapeutic it was.

On our to-do list: providing art supplies for participants to take home, as they clearly want to continue using arts to improve the quality of their lives.


NOTE:  Our workshop at the Chrysler Museum next Thursday shares how to use visual arts effectively with persons living with dementia.

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