Arts and Wellness Caregiver Workshops in Hampton Roads

Arts and Wellness Workshops in Hampton Roads

Whether you are an activities director, a home- or facility-based caregiver, a CNA, CEO or somewhere in between, creative engagement can strengthen bonds, lift moods, improve vital functions (lung capacity, core strength, etc.) and much more.  To that end, we are creating caregiver training modules that convey useful information about the use of the arts with elders.  We are constantly on the lookout to find and share best practices with our community, and we partner with area artists and therapeutic specialists to bring you timely, relevant information.

Tidewater Arts Outreach offers caregiver training modules; many can be facilitated in 60 to 90 minutes.  ‘Lunch and learn’ caregiver training imparts practical, achievable means for caregivers to inject successful arts experiences into individual and group programs.  

Tidewater Arts Outreach staff training topics include:

  1.  The arts and person-centered care
  2. Singing for elder health and wellness
  3. Visual Arts – best practices and resources from the field
  4. Music – best practices and resources from the field (with music activities for non-musicians)
  5. Using poetry to engage elders with cognitive impairments
  6. Film and discussion “I Remember Better When I Paint”
  7. Film and discussion: “Alive Inside”
  8. Movement and music for elders with dementia
  9. Encouraging reluctant elders to participate
  10. Latest research /human & community resources for garnering program support
  11. Thematic method of integrating arts experiences into daily life
  12. Engaging children in music, visual and performing arts with elders

Email or call us at 757-965-5155 to tailor one or more training session(s) for your staff.  A modest fee will help cover our expenses.  Staff can obtain CEUs for an additional fee.