Busking for Charity – Music Makes Magic Happen

Busk:  Miriam Webster Dictionary: chiefly British, informal  – To play music in a public place in order to earn money from people who are passing by.

Summer evenings can be great for getting out, meeting friends and sharing music on street corners (doo-wop, anyone?).  If you need an excuse, busking for charity might be your ticket.

It’s true, without money, missions dry up.  Tidewater Arts Outreach needs funding so it can continue to develop training opportunities, pay artists and keep its doors open.

We really can use your help.

Sea Level Festivals have seen several of our inspiring artists have busked for donations and have raised awareness for our programs. BUT ONE NEED’NT WAIT for early spring to hang out a shingle and do a good deed, all while having fun with friends.



Call or email us if you’re interested in raising money and awareness.  We’re grateful, and there is no time better than the present.