Arts Advocacy Day in Richmond

Virginians for the Arts and The Virginia Arts Commission bring arts agencies from around the state together each year to inform, inspire and advocate for arts support.

2018 celebrates the 50th year of the Virginia  Commission for the Arts.  The annual meeting honored “50 for 50” – 50 of the state’s top arts organizations, including Bedrock Arts Institutions, Emerging Programs and Pinnacle Events, Individual Artists and Arts Leaders.  Click here for the Arts Commission 50 for 50 honorees.

Advocacy Day in Richmond had arts leaders meeting with government leaders at General Assembly to advocate for $1 per capita spending in the arts.  Elected officials have busy schedules; several of my scheduled appointments were with aides (which is a start).  I was able to meet with Senator Frank Wagner, who serves on the Budget committee; he also serves on the Rehabilitation and Social Services committee.  We had some great conversation about arts’ economic impacts; we also discussed elder care and how the arts can support caregivers, can positively engage community in service and can also enhance wellness for our oldest citizens.  I left Richmond knowing more about our community’s representatives, current legislation and the importance of taking time out to ensure we make our voices heard in Richmond.