Artist Voices: Honoring a Musical Legacy

Artist Karen Stowe, our favorite harpist, emailed last week to share about her program experience. The program was a bit different – a 1:1 at bedside for a woman in hospice. The staff explained it had been difficult night and they were afraid she was not well-rested.

Turns out this amazing individual had been a concert pianist – and as the music played, it was clear that she was able to re-enter the world of music she loves so much and was sleeping peacefully by the time Karen was done. Her care team was amazed (and honestly, so are we – these stories never get old).

The people we serve have talent. Their lives are full of rich experiences. Giving them another creative experience through these amazing artists gives the adults in your community the joy and dignity they deserve.

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this work.

Artist Karen Stowe performing at a program in Portsmouth
(not the program of today’s blog post).