Artist and Caregiver Training Videos in Movement, Singing

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Tidewater Arts Outreach has published its first artist and caregiver training videos, thanks to Geriatric Training and Education (GTE) funds appropriated by the General Assembly of Virginia and administered by the Virginia Center on Aging at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Additional funding was provided by Thistle Foundation, The Virginia Arts Commission/National Endowment for the Arts and local arts commissions.

We paired music therapist Dr. Linda Teasley with gerontologist Sonya Barsness to create “Singing for Elder Health & Wellness.”  

We paired dancer and physical therapist Michele Martin Nielsen with Sonya Barsness to create “Music and Movement for Elders with Dementia.”

Special thanks to Riverside Health Services and Bay Lake Retirement Community for allowing us to film on location at Riverside PACE, Newport News and at Bay Lake Retirement Community, Virginia Beach.

The videos were designed to empower caregivers and artists with information and techniques to effectively utilize music, movement and singing to enhance the lives of elders, including those with dementia and/or physical limitations.  The sensory experiences of sound, touch, visual cues/props and movement are complemented  with rich emotional, social, intellectual and physical potential of these art forms.  These training videos will aid in the creation of arts experiences which are person-centered, age-appropriate, emotionally satisfying and socially engaging.

The videos have companion reference material; the links below access that information:

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Powerpoint slides: Singing for Elder Health & Wellness

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Holiday Songbook with guitar chords

Holiday Songbook to print

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