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“The Barefoot Movement” in Concert for Tidewater Arts Outreach

  Get Tickets Here Heartfelt, energetic, and down-home. Heralded by CMT Edge as “one of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene,” the music of the Nashville based group The Barefoot Movement is as down to earth as their intention for members of their audience. All the worries and frustrations of the world melt […]

Resident’s requests are right up Steve Kolb’s alley

“On June 15, I led music at Beacon Shores Nursing. The facility was not pleasant–bad smell, unkept grounds and interior, residents seemed fearful and confused. The piano was filthy, out of tune, and the room was not well organized for a singalong. As the program began, a verbal fight broke out between two of the […]

Caregivers Lift Heavy Loads and Deserve Our Support

People on the front lines of healthcare – the certified nursing assistants, home health workers, therapists, chaplains and other long-term care staff – have intense jobs.  They deal with disability, discomfort, depression, death and dying every day.  For fifteen, years, we have used arts engagement as a catalyst for supporting these staff, by engaging with […]

2018 Norfolk Rotary Club Hardware Grant to Tidewater Arts Outreach

Tidewater Arts Outreach recognizes and thanks Norfolk Rotary Club members for their generous 2018 computer hardware grant. The donation accomplished two important goals. The reliability, efficiency and security of our computer system were improved by purchasing upgraded, business-class hardware. Secondly, all authorized staff members and volunteers can now use any available computer in our office, which was accomplished by […]

“We Are the Music-Makers” exhibit recognizes Blues pioneers

“The Music Makers” exhibit at the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center is an inspirational collection of photos, stories and folk art that celebrates the musicians who gave birth to the blues in our country; specifically, in the central and deep South.  These musicians, many of them elderly, have been living in obscurity.  Thanks to the […]

Why don’t we care more about poor nursing home care?

There was a news story update today referencing a May 2017 VA Pilot article about a Chesapeake nursing home being sued $17.5 M for patient negligence in 2016.  The lawsuit, filed by a patient and her daughter, alleges the elderly woman was tied to her wheelchair with bedsheets and given narcotic sedatives to quiet her.  There […]

June Programs for Older Adults and Caregivers

Our June programs calendar is full of events where older adults can paint, sing, write, and enjoy spending time creatively with others.  You can print off a copy here. We thank these artists for working with us to create these special engagement events in June. Did you know that singing and dancing are two of […]