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Open Letter to Children Artists on Elder Interaction

Dear Creative, Exuberant, Young Friends; Thank you for sharing your singing, dancing, theatre and play with elders through Tidewater Arts Outreach.  You are giving back and serving others through this creative engagement event.  Here as some thoughts to help you get the most from the experience. The people you see may not be able to […]

Arts and Wellness Caregiver Workshops in Hampton Roads

Arts and Wellness Workshops in Hampton Roads Whether you are an activities director, a home- or facility-based caregiver, a CNA, CEO or somewhere in between, creative engagement can strengthen bonds, lift moods, improve vital functions (lung capacity, core strength, etc.) and much more.  To that end, we are creating caregiver training modules that convey useful […]

We’re hiring.

We have two part-time positions we are looking to fill: Part-Time Program Specialist We are looking for someone with a background in providing services to persons with special needs. and Part-Time Development Specialist The perfect candidates will have lots of energy and education/experience.

Busking for Charity – Music Makes Magic Happen

Busk:  Miriam Webster Dictionary: chiefly British, informal  – To play music in a public place in order to earn money from people who are passing by. Summer evenings can be great for getting out, meeting friends and sharing music on street corners (doo-wop, anyone?).  If you need an excuse, busking for charity might be your ticket. It’s […]