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Tidewater Arts Outreach visual arts programs at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth’s Pediatric Oncology Unit help kids relax, express themselves and engage in creative play.

Visual Arts Workshops = fun, introspective, creative play. Grace, Scarlett and brothers Malachi and Jonquayle were artists for a day at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth on October 18.  Our volunteer, Adrian, is working with Scarlett in the top right photo; our artist, teacher Michele Barnes, is with the boys.  Together they created Halloween scarecrows, using donated […]

Vets utilize creative spaces at Tidewater Arts Outreach programs

The domiciliary at the Hampton VA has a large, bright central space where the 100 or so men and women living there come together for bingo and other group/social events.  Vets stay at the domiciliary to receive residential services for an array of psychiatric, mental health and social problems, including PTSD, homelessness, and alcohol/substance abuse.  […]

Participate in arts engagement programs as a Tidewater Arts Outreach volunteer

Many volunteers over many years.  Volunteers contribute more bottom-line value to the agency than annual contributions and we cannot thank them enough for their support.   By Anna Fitzgerald, Tidewater Arts Outreach Volunteer Program Director If you are like me, you can pinpoint your first time volunteering and how it shaped your perspective. I was 14 and […]