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Art in a suitcase

…this is great for art students, art teachers, art scholars and art lovers who’ve taken the time and interest in studying artistic styles, periods, and the masters. Pack a suitcase or portfolio with 3-12 of your favorite prints.  Have conversant knowledge on the period, the artist, the style and the subject matter – the more, […]

What are our societal values re: our oldest members?

We are looking for people in the community (graduate students, study centers, professionals, etc.) who might be in a position to partner with us in a pilot research project that quantifies the value of regular, quality arts programs for seniors in long-term care. What we’re finding is the medical students, art therapists, students in social […]

Drum Circles for Seniors

Sentara Adult Day Program came alive with the sounds of percussion in a drum workshop led by Anthony Hailey and Chris Koroshetz, two area musicians of note.  We gathered some participants into a circle so that they could play the nine djembes together.  The other 50+ participants were seated throughout the room at tables, which […]

How the arts enhance the bottom line in LTC

I’m looking for research that supports the value of arts programming in long term care settings.  The surveys we receive from residents and staff are incredibly positive.  Everyone is telling us how much our (music, dance drama and visual) arts programs are appreciated.  Our artists go to nearly 70 locations in Hampton Roads…not all are […]