Veteran to Veteran: Service Through The Arts

Art Aids Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life Guest Blogger Jordan Ponder contributed this post. I am a recently discharged veteran and the transition from military life to civilian life is one that includes many trial and error choices. Trying to find a career that is fulfilling is a difficult task. When I found this amazing […]

Creative Services to Military Families

  Music Programs for vets at the Hampton VA The Hampton Roads community is rich in its history of service.  Many veterans call our neighborhoods and communities ‘home.’  We have had the honor to know and work with many fine musicians and artists who come from a military background.  Since 2005, many of these local, […]

Artists with Dementia “Drawn To The Light” by Elizabeth Simpson

Virginian Pilot reporter Elizabeth Simpson visited our workshop at The Chrysler Museum of Art on April 27.  “Modern Art Principles and Person-Centered Care for Elders with Dementia” was our wordy topic.  Like Lokon from Scripps Gerontology in Ohio, creator of “Opening Minds Through Art” was our presenter.  Simpson published “Drawn To The Light,” an article […]

Notes from the field: Love of Music Outreach Grew with Mama Dot’s Lasting Memories

A post by guest writer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and grandson Joe McMurray In a small town in western North Carolina, I grew up thirteen houses down from my grandparents’ home of over half a century.  My grandmother, whom we lovingly called Mama Dot, was in incredibly intelligent and thoughtful woman who loved to play the […]

Local workshop teaches use of art to open the hearts and minds of people with dementia

Local workshop teaches use of art to open the hearts and minds of people with dementia.    Caregivers can use “Opening Minds through Art” techniques to tap into creative abilities of people with dementia and also bolster communication. Pilot reporter Elizabeth Simpson and photographer Bill Tiernan visited the Tidewater Arts Outreach workshop for caregivers and […]

Tales from Your Travels

One of our artists once described visiting a long-term care facility as not unlike ‘traveling to a different country.’  There are new sights, new smells, different ‘languages’ and customs.  So…it’s interesting.  True story: one Christmas I played holiday songs on guitar at VB General Hospital while a young girl scout troupe sang from our books. […]

Light a Spark: Engaging with Elders through Poetry Workshop

Tidewater Arts Outreach brings Pauline Daniels to Hampton Roads for Beyond Words: Using Poetry to Foster Elder Engagement, Inspiration and Communication, a 3-hour workshop at Riverside PACE on Thursday, May 18.  This afternoon session explores poetry in many forms and its use as the inspiration and the foundation for creative, therapeutic engagement with elders.  Workshop participants will […]

‘Songwriting for Caregivers’ at Hampton VA in May and June

Military Caregiver Arts Sessions. Tidewater Arts Outreach offers FREE, monthly arts sessions to Hampton Roads military caregivers at the Hampton VA in 2017.  The two-hour sessions are held on the third Tuesday and feature a variety of arts interventions, including visual arts, songwriting, drumming, drama and written word.  “Songwriting with Caregivers” is a two-session series led […]

Why Give to Charity?

Why People Give a blog by guest writer/Tidewater Arts Outreach volunteer Tiye Johnson You may wonder why you feel so good when you volunteer in your community or give a donation to a charity. Well, that’s because it’s in your DNA. Researchers found that when you ask a person to think about giving money to […]

Why the arts are needed now, more than ever

To quote a great line from an old movie, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” New personal technology (aka PDAs, smartphones, handheld devices, etc.) are changing all of us, but youth most markedly. On the flip side of that coin, we see elders withdrawing from life as the aging process and/or our […]