Artist & Volunteer Resources

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1.   The National Center for Creative Aging offers a FREE online course for artists

who want to facilitate arts experiences for others. We encourage our artists to utilize this resource. We are working to provide incentives to artists who complete this coursework.  Click here to go to the NCCA training modules.


“This time spent doing nothing but enjoying and participating in the performance is a short sabbatical from the harsh realities they face daily.” Counselor, ForKids

2.  Tidewater Arts Outreach has created two artist & caregiver training videos:

 Singing for Elder Health and Wellness

Music & Movement for Elders with Dementia


3.   Arts and Wellness Workshops for Caregivers and Artists

Click here for details on a dozen one- to two-hour workshops we present locally.

4.  PROGRAM PARTICULARS:  Tidewater Arts Outreach programs – artist information

Click here for details on how we work with artists in creating great programs, monitoring program quality and providing excellent customer service to artists and location staff.


For more information:

Our links page is a resources for state and national arts organization and programs

Our program survey tools show you hoped-for outcomes

Our videos offer a variety of arts programs and applications for people with special needs

Artist Instructions for Students one-sheet information page offers engagement techniques for school-aged children and artists new to working with elders and other special needs groups.

Links here to resources in facilitating arts experiences for others:

Visual Arts


Music and Singing


Performing Arts